The biggest healthcare issues so far

Healthcare costs are increasing
-healthcare2In the past four years something shockingly happened. Initially health care costs stayed the same; this gave the families an illusion that they will remain like that, but in the reality things occur differently, and so healthcare costs increased substantially. Since we began to measure statistical data, in the last decade the healthcare costs doubled and since 2001 tripled and prices now have topped the actual prices of medical services. We now have the cases where employers shift a high portion of medical insurance to workers, due to a high price of medical services.

Small hospitals will be eliminated
With the development of the society, people tend to leave rural areas and go to the cities, so hospitals that are in rural area and independent hospitals will have a hard time to survive. Each day more of them are looking for the ways to connect with bigger facilities and systems. One the other hand, bigger hospitals are searching for the ways to expand their practice to all parts of the country and to expand their market.

State budget is troubled
-services_03The state budget is dealing with two types of problems now. The healthcare budget is burdened with pensions and the healthcare of former employees and in another case is troubled with Medicaid expenditures. And states are considering to expand these expenses and in this case, more healthcare costs will be shifted to the state budget and it’s only a matter of time when will it implode.

The PPACA has some great view, but still some issues stay unresolved
The healthcare law has some great points that should not be replaced by any case. For example, the ability for the families to obtain health insurance with all past conditions. Many people are still opposing to ACA considering that they see some advantages, but they still aren’t supporting the law. The government spent millions of dollar on health reform, and the citizens are those who pay it through taxes. The frustration of the citizens if rightfully justified.

PPACA doesn’t have benefits for nonprofit hospitals
Even though many nonprofit hospitals continue to work very well, but the new statements are beginning to show how the new healthcare law hasn’t been too friendly towards them. Hospitals that adopted Medicaid expansion, expected to benefit more, in other words, they were hoping to have more paying customers, but the practice showed differently.

Too much futile care
Unnecessary healthcare costs go from one-third to one-half of all medical costs, which is measured in billions of wasted dollars.

Harm can be avoided
-lightning_x_lxsmka__43742.1435162220.1280.1280This is one of the most common problems of healthcare. The statistics are still indecisive here, in average, one of four Medicare protégées suffer some harm during their stay in the hospitals. Simple question, would you drive a car if you have one of four chances to suffer an accident, or would you go to the hair salon to buy salon care supplies, if you know that you are going to burn your hair, not likely?

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